Welcome to the CWIC (CEOS WGISS Integrated Catalog) Project Page!

Project lead name and contact info:

  • Martin Yapur (NOAA)
  • Yonsook Enloe (NASA)

CEOS WGISS Integrated Catalog (CWIC)

See how the Directory information in the IDN is used with CWIC to help a user identify and access satellite data of interest:
CWIC Data Portal Demonstration (YouTube video)


CSW Service Endpoint -  http://cwic.wgiss.ceos.org/cwicv1/discovery
CSW GetCapabilities Request - http://cwic.wgiss.ceos.org/cwicv1/discovery?service=CSW&request=GetCapabilities&version=2.0.2

How-To Guides for CWIC Partners

CWIC DIF Guide - How to register data collections in the IDN for CWIC
CWIC Client Guide - How to connect your Portal or Client to CWIC and IDN
CWIC Data Partner Guide - How to offer your agency satellite data for search and access through CWIC

CWIC Technical Documents

Initial Design
WGISS Search Criteria
Details of satellite data metadata at CWIC Data Partners
Mapping Dataset IDs to IDN/GCMD DIF Entry_IDs
CWIC Exception Handling Guide
CWIC Connector API Report
CWIC/IDN Data Syncronization Plan
CWIC Capabilities Document Design
CWIC Software Test Plan
CWIC-IDN Alignment

Additional Information for Developers and Data Partners

Additional technical information for CWIC Client and Data Partner developers is available at the CWIC Developer's Information page.

CWIC Metrics Monthly Report

2012-10, 2012-11, 2012-12, 2013-01, 2013-02, 2013-03, 2013-04More ... 

CWIC Enabled Clients

CWIC-Start (for CWIC Production Instance)
CWIC-Start (for CWIC Test Instance)
LSI Portal (USGS)

Open Source CSW Software

GeoNetwork (download)
Geoserver (download)
ESRI GeoPortal (download)
USGS Earth Explorer (download)

CWIC Data Partner Information

IDN/GCMD CWIC docBuilder (requires an EOSDIS URS account for use)
CWIC Partner Survey Sample
CWIC Partner Survey ECHO
CLASS Partner Survey NOAA
Earth Explorer (EE) Partner Survey USGS/EROS

CWIC Developer's Workshop, 13-14 March 2012

CWIC Futures

WADC Documents & Other Documents of Interest